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Independent Journal Review is inventing the future of news and storytelling. We need brilliant people to join us!

Join our team for the most comprehensive, hands-on digital newsroom experience on the internet! As an IJR Fellow you’ll have the opportunity to work side-by-side our professional writers, editors, designers and videographers who create the most dynamic, breaking, newsworthy content on the internet.

This is a paid six month fellowship that is based in our Washington, D.C., office.

IJR, one of the largest publishers in the world, is dedicated to providing objective, fair, and deeply creative and shareable journalism. We are a Top 50 website in the US, averaging more than 30 million unique visitors a month. We beat out our competition by having the best reporting and most creative content on the internet, building a loyal readership, and telling true stories. We are obsessed with the intersection of news, politics, and the internet. We don’t like telling stories the same way everyone else does. If this describes you, we want you to join us!

katie-leach Katie Leach

“You won’t be treated as the new kid or the coffee grabber, from my first day at IJR I was always treated as an important member of the team. Given this immense responsibility, I was able to learn what it takes to be a journalist living and working in Washington, D.C. If you hate cubicles, elitist bosses, and regurgitating facts like every other boring journalism fellow, IJR is the place for you. If you want to work in a creative environment surrounded by dogs and people who encourage you to be the best journalist you can be, IJR is the place for you. Within my first few weeks there, I already had pieces published and the CEO took us out to lunch (free food is a big thing here). I couldn’t imagine working in a boring, dog-less, traditional setting after my time at IJR.”

haley Haley Byrd

“The IJR Fellowship Program is an incredible opportunity to get professional experience, make lasting friendships, and learn more about the field. I interned for IJR’s congressional reporter, Joe Perticone, who imparted tremendous insight into the world of D.C. politics and encouraged me to pursue stories that I would have never considered otherwise. IJR allowed me to do work that interns elsewhere would never have the chance to do. I never made coffee for anyone. Instead, I spent my time talking to members of Congress, going to press conferences, and writing stories alongside my coworkers. The Independent Journal Review is a truly remarkable company, and it is filled with outstanding, creative people. I wholeheartedly recommend the Fellowship Program for everyone.”

The online application deadline is April 17. Interested?

Apply to one or more of the openings below which best matches your skills and interests!